Why People Switching to Ucall

At Ucall, we work hard to bring you prepaid plans with nationwide coverage that are simple, smart and convenient. We are committed to help you and your family save money and time, hassle free.


With no contracts to sign, no commitments and no credit checks, getting started with Ucall is simple. As a Ucall customer, it is simple for you to manage your account. Easily replenish your account through our app, by calling customer service at 1-929-329-8888, or visiting our store.


Finding the right mobile phone plan shouldn’t take a lot of effort or time. At Ucall, we strive to build plans that fit your lifestyle and we’ve made it convenient to find the best one for you and your family. Whether you use a lot of minutes, text or data, or just a little, we have a plan that’s just right for you.


With Ucall prepaid service, you’ll never get a bill that includes lots of extra fees and unexpected charges. Because you only pay for what you need, Ucall puts you in total control of your budget. If you use all of your minutes or your balance reaches zero, you simply add more to your account.